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Shore Break Sharks/Baja
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February in Baja 2018'
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Wave of the Day Baja 2018

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Luis Soto's Water shot's Part 3
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Luis Soto Water video in Baja Part 2
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Newest Video's

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End of spring mex re-cap 2014'
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Spring Mex/2014' Pictorial 3
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Spring Mex 2014' Pictorial 2
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Spring Mex 2014' Pictorial 1
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Carlos Pic's Nicaragua 1
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Newest Photo's

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#147 - 12 28 2014
Fun and Clean in Mex III

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#146 - 12 25 2014
Xmas morning with Brenty Reilly 2014'

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#136 - 2 5 2014
A few fun ones with the boy's

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#116 - 10 01 2013
Artsy Pipeline

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#119 - 10 14 2013
Carnage/Surfing's for the Bird's 10-14-13'

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Waves Of The Day/Short Clips

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Early North Shore Pump
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Indo Tripping 2
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Teahupo'o Front Angles 4
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Drone&Land1 Oceanside
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All Mixed Up 4
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