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  • Freedom Riders DVD
    Freedom Riders DVD

    Locations: Australia, Mexico, Baja, California, Hawaii and Tahiti. Some hi-lights include: Mick Fanning free surfing snapper (in his #1 world ranking year) + many more in Australia. Andy Irons, Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrow and Trent Munro surfing "La Jolla" Mexico just prior to A.I's Rip Curl Search win there. One of the biggest swells to hit Puerto EVER with Coco Negales and crew performing + others. Taylor Knox,Torrey Meister, Josh Buran Ripping various California + others. Randall Paulson, A.I, Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Chris Ward and the boys in Hawaii (focusing on Pipe). Garrett Macnamara,Keali'i Mamala, Adam D'esposito,Manoa Drollet,Raimana and many more barrell riding Teahupo'o.

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    Running time is Approx. 58 Minutes.

  • Tahitan Dreams DVD
    Tahitan Dreams DVD

    This is the latest movie from Surfalotproductions.It was all filmed in Tahiti. Focusing on Teahupo'o.It was basically taken between 2007-2010'. We have 2 lost soldier's in the movie that I would like to pay special respect to: (Andy Irons & Sion Milosky) R.I.P. There is also free down loads of Andy and Sion (just there waves)/Sion tribute and down load public 4-23-11'. This is a collection of local's/ traveler's /unidentified and Pro's.I hope you enjoy it! Some footage was also provided from friend's which the dates are unknown. Names shown as they are in the movie.

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    Running time is Approx. 36 Minutes.