All Mixed Up Part 5 - Running Time 05:14

These are different locations shot around the world and thrown together "All mixed up."Some of the waves you may have seen on some of the other clips.But , there are also plenty other's that were only used for these parts.I hope you enjoy the different layout.

All Mixed Up Part 5 was put up Nov. 28th 2006' locations: San Diego, Northern California, Mexico, and Hawaii. some spot's include: Various Mexico / SD, Rincon, Pipeline, Sunset, Waimea. surfer's: Josh Buran, Timijin, Pete Franco, Sean Murphy, Julian Ganguli, Jason Franco, Pat Maus, Ryan O'kiefe, Gavin Beschen, Richard Sills, Chris Ward, Tomayo Perry, C.J Hobgood and Andy Irons as seen. Plus unidentifed surfer's. There is also 2 waves of me.

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