Jay Christenson and Everyone at trestles3 - Running Time 05:56

This is some stuff shot yesterday.I was only able to identify a few.If you know any of them send me a description and name and we will put it up/it could be you?The identified surfer's are:Cordell Miller,Jay Christenson,Crazy "single fin guy",I think his name is "Tyler"from Enc. again and Mr. Lyon Ortega in that order.Hope you enjoy it.Check in for more added weekly.We welcome anyone interested to hit us up on facebook.Or me personally surfalotproductions or Chris Thompson.

This was my first time using a new hd cannon cam.I did some experimenting and the rest of the footy shot by me will be much more zoomed in/quality.Trial and error/what can I say.Sick clips though!

(Posted 8-13-11’)

Music by:Lil’ Wayne and bad Religion

TAGS: Surfing Videos Online

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