Raw Glory and Destruction Teahupo'o - Time 02:38

These are all well achieved surfer's at the spot.They include:Manoa Drollett,Danielo Couta,Stephan Koene,Shane Dorian and Danny Fuller in order.I left music out to show the aftermath.That is what happen's a lot of the time when you see these guy's make the sick tubes they do.If you can't kick out toward's the channel/you deal with a ton's of turbulence/and this shown.There is a strong brother hood out there between wave rider's.I dig the part where our late friend "Sion" Check's to make sure Stephan's o.k.R.I.P.These are all clip's featured in our last movie"Tahitian Dream's".They all charged.Thanks to the ski guy's for the water support!Free on Down Load.

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