Body Boarding vs Surfing at Teahupo'o - Running Time 00:39

These are both very experience waterman at the spot.I only know what I see from the master's and have only had limited experience at the spot.Simon is a well respected man who has givin' me all my dreams when I listened to him.John John,well he's John John. opinion on the bodyboarding at the spot:You have a better chance at a wave like this because of the intense drop on the first shelf.The foam ball pushing out on this particular wave of Simon's would never allow a normal human stand up surfer to make.
2.My opinion on the surfer's side:I feel when the drop is done properly the fin's and the drive propel a better speed and stability to make longer tubes and especially when it's big.
word's from the producer:never listen to anyone.These were my personal experiences and viewing's of one of the heaviest waves in the world.Thank's for even considering my opinion.Feel free to blog on it.Peace........

(Posted 9-17-11’)

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