All Mixed Up Part 1 - Running Time 03:56

These are different locations shot around the world and thrown together "All mixed up."Some of the waves you may have seen on some of the other clips.But , there are also plenty other's that were only used for these parts.I hope you enjoy the different layout.

All Mixed Up Part 1 was filmed in Austaralia, Oahu(Hawaii), and California.
Spots: Snapper Rock, Greenmount, Pipeline, off the wall, Rock Piles, lowers, Carlsbad, Oceanside pier. Some identified surfers: Chris Ward, Rob Machado, Gavin Beschen, Benji Wetherly, Pancho, Che Stang, Tomayo Perry, Josh Buran, Dustin Barca, Mike Todd, Jason Franco, plus unknowns.

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