West Coast Chapter 1 Webisode - Running Time 06:29

West Coast Chapter 1 is a selection of waves surfed in deep Mexico/ northern Baja and California. The performer's are:Duran Barr, Josh Buran, Coco, Joa and Kiron jabour, Taylor Knox, Adam D'Esposito, Derek Baukelman, Jeremiah and Golden DePesa, Che Stang, Jason Franco, Brent Reilly, Lion, Zach Rhienhart, Brian Conley, Anthony Tashnick, Rusty Long, Aamion Goodwin, David Rutherford and a few unknown friend's and traveler's/plus some local's who's last names are unidentified. The San Diego west coast anthem is from:Depth soul Rhythm/see links to contact. song two from:DP

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